We can improve together

Relationships are based on understanding. We are growing internationally and locally by continuously improving our understanding of our customers together with you as a retailer. This helps us deliver innovative solutions at every step of our journey together.

Creone's international distributors selling key management systems

Our approach to improving together

We will shape a plan around your unique goals in your market. No matter the goal you are heading towards, the complexity of your industry, or how quickly you are ready to launch onto a market, we will work with you to find the right approach to achieve our goals together. We have the initial steps needed to suit your company.

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Get started quickly with our knowledge team in different areas. They will work with you to design a plan for the best way forward for you to become a retailer and gain understanding and knowledge in our products and customer segments.

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As your business evolves, your needs change. We can help you develop with our knowledge from different markets and specific industries. We are with you and your company on your journey no matter how you change or grow. A strong partnership over time always wins in the long run.

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For retailers who want to modernise their digital key and valuables management solutions, we are here for you. We have the most user-friendly, flexible products on the market as well as the most modern technology. Together we can make a positive difference in your market.

Begin the transformation

“We have been partners since 2002 and created a completely new need together with the digitisation of key management in the security industry. Our cooperation is based on long-term thinking, trust and strong support, both technical and guiding in the market. As a result, we have developed together and created a strong position in the market.”

Jean-Claude Bopp

Founder, BOPP Solutions AG

“We have become one of the pioneers in introducing intelligent key and storage systems to the Japanese market as a partner to Creone. As a step to transform and adapt to our market, everything from the website, products, software, etc. has been translated into Japanese, which is a must to make an impression in our market and make the product ‘local’. The flexibility of our cooperation has been the basis for achieving this. ”

Kenichi Komatsu

President, ID Management Co. Ltd

“I think that customers appreciate our close service and our deep knowledge of the product. In addition, we have built up a relationship with Creone over a long period of time, which has created good collaboration and a great deal of trust from end customers. The continuous development of the products has seen our sales increase steadily and provided business opportunities through upgrades of existing systems.”

Magnus Jerregård


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Benefits of working with us

Our presence in over 40 countries will give your business the best possible opportunities.

Build a plan for success

Our partnership goes beyond the software and hardware. We have the customers and experience to give you the right advice and support. We will work with you and implement a collaborative plan that delivers results.

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Modern technology being developed

We can guarantee with certainty that our technical solutions are the most up-to-date in the industry. Our main priority is to constantly invest and equip our software and hardware to future-proof our solutions.

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Your team become experts

We strengthen your team with training so that you have the right product knowledge to deliver the best possible results. Through our regular presence, you will achieve the knowledge needed to deliver our solutions. And if necessary, our customer service or your sales representative is just one call away.

Become a retailer
Attend a training course to become certified in Creone's key cabinet products

Start with a training course

You can quickly and easily get started through online training that gives you a preliminary insight into and understanding of our products and solutions.

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Become a certified retailer for Creone's key management product program

Certify your team

When you are ready to take the next step and become a certified partner, you will visit our training centre.

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Something for everyone, no matter your background

Regardless of roles, we offer training to help you become experts.

Sales and marketing

We help you find the right reasoning for our solutions and explain consistently how different industries use our products and solutions. You can also benefit from potential customers from our digital channels as well as guidance and support if you participate in a trade show.

Support and customer service

You will receive basic training on how a system is installed and functions. You have direct contact with our customer service team that trains and helps you with key expertise to keep your installations at a high level.

Developer integration

Do you need to integrate towards a special system in your market and have knowledgeable developers? We help them understand how integration with our API can be applied, opening up untold opportunities for you in the future.