AX The Palace Hotel

Increased security and structured key management at AX The Palace Hotel

AX The Palace Hotel, is a five-star luxury hotel located in Sliema, Malta that offers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. By investing in an automated and intelligent key management system, the hotel now experiences reduced cost and an increased control over the sensitive keys they are handling.

In the past, all keys were stored in envelopes that were sealed with tape and signed over and then placed in a wooden key box. The keys were checked in and out from the box using a log sheet.

“The way we store keys now is a lot more controlled, the keys can be accessed hassle free 24/7 and we save valuable time and costs by reducing the manual and time-consuming labor we needed to do before. The security has also increased as the keys are only accessible by those who have been granted access. Passwords are changed regularly to further increase the security,” says Shawn German, Property Manager at AX Hotels Sliema Malta.

The past few years AX Hotels Sliema managed to reduce the number of keys that they are handling to about half in both of their Sliema properties. The keys that they handle now are therefore the more important and valuable ones.

“Our hotel manager and general manager researched different products and Creone was the best overall product on the market that we could find, so we decided to go with Creone. The most important feature with KeyBox and KeyWin is that we now have a report over which keys are being used and can track by who,” says Shawn German.

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KeyBox smart key cabinet 9600 SC with open doors, used for key management
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The smart system with electronic key identification.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
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Saves all events for electronic key distribution.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
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Easiest solution for electronic key distribution.

10 intelligent key strips with control box mounted on the wall and key cabinet for a unique key management.
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Accessible and flexible key management

Pair your keys with the IntelliPin key peg and place them in the KeyRack system’s lockable/non-lockable key strips, directly on the wall or in a cabinet. It couldn’t be easier to secure an overview and complete control of your key stock.


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