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Bosch Thermotechnik AB in Tranås is the world’s largest manufacturer of heat pumps. Even in an industrial company such as Bosch Thermotechnik AB, there is an abundance of keys that need managing. Everything from pool cars, truck keys, various premises, machinery and other vehicles – all of these need to be administered.

Keys in drawers

Not so long ago, most of the keys were stored in drawers in different people’s offices. You didn’t know who had the key or if it was out on loan,” says Fredrik Arvidsson, who works in maintenance.

At Bosch Thermotechnik, there are 9 different Creone cabinets located around the factory. Everything from cabinets where specific keys can be controlled, to simple cabinets that can only be opened with an entry card used by the company. Broadly speaking, there is a KeyBox in most departments!



For Bosch Thermotechnik, knowing that the keys are safe, and that only those who are allowed to use the keys can open cabinets and remove keys creates a sense of security.

“There aren’t many people who think about this, but with Creone’s KeyControl system we also save loads of time! Before, a lot of time was spent on just administering keys and keeping an eye on who had which key; now I have everything on my computer,” Fredrik Arvidsson says.

KeyBox 9400 SC – for control of pool cars, which everyone in the company can borrow at any time of the day. It is simple to follow up afterwards that the car has been returned.

KeyBox 9500E – Connected to a card reader, which the users swipe to open the door. This cabinet contains all the truck keys.

KeyBox 9500B – I have this type of cabinet in the Maintenance Department. Keys to different premises, machinery, vehicles etc.

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KeyBox smart key cabinet 9600 SC with open doors, used for key management
KeyBox key storage logo KeyControl series

The smart system with electronic key identification.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
KeyBox key storage logo System series

Saves all events for electronic key distribution.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
KeyBox key storage logo Basic series

Easiest solution for electronic key distribution.

10 intelligent key strips with control box mounted on the wall and key cabinet for a unique key management.
KeyRack key storage logo

Accessible and flexible key management

Pair your keys with the IntelliPin key peg and place them in the KeyRack system’s lockable/non-lockable key strips, directly on the wall or in a cabinet. It couldn’t be easier to secure an overview and complete control of your key stock.


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