Gives you complete control. Easy to use. Easy to manage.

KeyWin6 is the latest version of the market’s most comprehensive administrative tool for securely managing keys and valuables. One or more administrators can manage key cabinets and keys with the highest possible precision, from anywhere in the world.

Connect your management

You now have more opportunities to control both keys, use and handling of valuables and equipment by using KeyBox, KeyRack and ValueBox together with KeyWin6.

Close-up of KeyBox 9500 SC key cabinet with alcohol interlock
KeyBox key storage logo

KeyBox is the key cabinet that offers a simple and flexible solution for every environment.

10 intelligent key strips with control box mounted on the wall and key cabinet for a unique key management.
KeyRack key storage logo

KeyRack allows you to install the key storage directly on the wall of your security room.

ValueBox control for secure management of valuables
ValueBox logo for valuables management

ValueBox are intelligent storage cabinets for expensive equipment and personal belongings.


Logic, control and improved administration

It is easy for you to provide access to individual users or groups and to connect these with the relevant keys or valuables. With its automatic registration, you can always keep track of who is using what. The developed search and filter function simplifies your daily use and creates higher precision and total understanding of the company's management of keys and items.

KeyWin6 IoT - As easy as it gets

Our KeyWin6 cloud services is built around IoT technology via Microsoft Azure. Despite the advanced, modern and secure technology – the simplicity is the beauty of KeyWin6 IoT. No local software installation is needed, our IoT products connects only through outbound communication to the KeyWin cloud service. Through advanced technology we simplify and cut cost for our clients – just as it should be.

  • No software installation is needed
  • Encrypted with SSL Certificate, DigiCert Secure Site Pro SAN
  • OWASP top 10 tested

Knowledge is power

With our KeyWin6 reporting system, you always have complete control of your keys and user movements to understand how you can streamline your management. For example, you can see the most frequently used keys and users who have logged into the cabinet the most times. You also have a clear graph describing how many keys were taken out and how many alarms occurred that day.

Program view of reporting and static view for KeyWin6 key management software

Available when you need it

With the KeyWin6 key booking system you can easily pre-book both keys and valuables as well as being sure that they are available when you need them.

User view in the KeyWin6 key management software

Easy to use

The administrator determines the members of staff who have access to a specific key by entering which user can log into the cabinet with their personal code or card.

Add a user to the KeyWin key management software

Create user groups

When there are many people with different access levels, you can simplify administration rights by creating groups. It is possible to create both key groups and user groups.

User group and time channels in the KeyWin key management software

Naming keys

You give each key a name of your choice, or a key ID, to create organisation in your key management.

Add a key to the KeyWin key management software

Intelligent search function

The search function finds everything in KeyWin because it searches for users, email, department, key, key ID, etc. – as fast as you type.

Sort and search in the KeyWin key management software

Visual cabinet view

Gives you the option to view the cabinet's status and edit the keys in the cabinet.

Key overview program view in KeyWin key management software that controls key cabinets

Time channel

Limit a group's use by setting a time channel. The group's keys are available when the time channel is active.

User group and time channels in the KeyWin key management software

Event log

All events are registered in the log, both from the key cabinet and from KeyWin6. You choose what appears in your log list. The intelligent search function, with select options and timeframe, simplifies obtaining the right information and producing reports.

Event logs in the KeyWin key management software

Alarm indications

When an alarm occurs, the alarm is clearly marked by a red event in the event log and you can easily see who or what has triggered the alarm.

Alarm examples in the KeyWin key management software


Through our secure cloud service, we ensure a daily backup of each customer's database. 


You can always make a backup of the event log. Either with a CSV file that you can import into Excel or directly into a PDF file, in order to create your own reports or share the information in your event log.


Activate our SMTP service and add recipients to safely and easily be notified via email when KeyWin6 has registered an alarm. You can easily choose the type of alarm you receive to the specified email.


You can choose between several different languages, e.g. Swedish, English, Finnish, German, Flemish, Spanish, etc.

Alarm settings

You can choose between many different alarms for your KeyBox. For example, door alarm, key alarm, break-in alarm, etc.

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