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Tranås Energi handles its customers’ keys in the correct way

Tranås Energi sells renewable electricity all over Sweden, delivers renewable district heating and operates electricity networks and fibre networks in the municipal district of Tranås. It’s important for Tranås Energi to maintain a high standard of service for its customers, which also means it must handle its customers’ keys in a secure and responsible way. 

Today, the company holds keys for residential and commercial properties, industrial sites and office buildings to which it must have access during after-hours periods. It is also essential that spare keys for vehicles, service keys and keys to different electrical substations and grid stations are kept in a way that provides a complete overview of them all. To achieve this, it was necessary to switch from manual handling to electronic key management and the choice fell on Creone.

“The KeyWin5 software offers a user-friendly interface and clear presentation that is unbeatable and is the reason why Creone’s solution was the best option for us,” says Per-Åke Gustafsson, Operations Engineer at Tranås Energi.


Users in different departments

The company has grouped its users into different departments in KeyWin5, such as network technicians, district heating technicians, operating engineers and project managers. They have then linked all of their keys to unique key groups, according to their needs, for example, district heating, electricity networks, fibre networks, and then linked the key groups to its user groups.

This provides a comprehensive overview of the authorised groups and each unique user can only see the keys to which they have access when they log in to the key cabinet.


Use of customers’ keys

Today, Tranås Energi feels proud that it can assure its customers that their keys are being managed securely and correctly. Tranås Energi uses a KeyBox 9600 SC together with the KeyWin5 software.

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KeyBox smart key cabinet 9600 SC with open doors, used for key management
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The smart system with electronic key identification.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
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Saves all events for electronic key distribution.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
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Easiest solution for electronic key distribution.

10 intelligent key strips with control box mounted on the wall and key cabinet for a unique key management.
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Accessible and flexible key management

Pair your keys with the IntelliPin key peg and place them in the KeyRack system’s lockable/non-lockable key strips, directly on the wall or in a cabinet. It couldn’t be easier to secure an overview and complete control of your key stock.


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