Seamless overviews of your key cabinets and valuables cabinets

KeyWin Light is software that can be used with the System series for key cabinets and valuables cabinets. Monitoring and control is achieved by plugging a USB flash drive into the cabinet using a service code. The event log is also downloaded to the USB flash drive, which is then processed on the computer.

Administer your management

You can monitor and control both key management and storage of valuables. KeyWin Light is used for the System series, which is a simpler variant designed for distributing keys and valuables.

Key management with a key cabinet that has six compartments for key storage and key distribution
KeyBox key storage logo

KeyBox is the key cabinet that offers a simple and flexible solution for every environment.

Valuables cabinet 7004 S in the System series with a 7006 S in the Expansion series. Mounted in a wall recess with one compartment open containing a bag in a shop premises.
ValueBox logo for valuables management

ValueBox are intelligent storage cabinets for expensive equipment and personal belongings.


Easy to use

The administrator determines the members of staff who have access to a specific door by entering which user can log into the key cabinet or valuables cabinet with their personal code.

USB flash drive

Transfer your settings easily via a USB flash drive and enter them in the key cabinet or valuables cabinet.

Time channel

Restrict a user's access to a compartment by using a time channel. 

Event log

Transfer the event log from the key cabinet or valuables cabinet to KeyWin Light using a USB stick.

Countdown function

This function determines how many times the user can access the key cabinet, valuables cabinet or compartment.

Exporting the event log

You can always make a backup of the event log. Either via a CSV file which you can import to Excel, or direct to a PDF file. 

Intelligent search function

The search function finds everything in KeyWin Light because it searches as fast as you type.

Cabinet settings

In the settings, you set the number of doors you have in your system and choose a service code for the software.


You can choose between several different languages, e.g. Swedish, English, Finnish, German, Flemish, Spanish, etc. 


You can easily create a backup for the software.

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