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Today we live in a connected world that needs multiple types of products to communicate with each other. With our integration engine or API, you can easily integrate into our ecosystem with your current systems, avoiding unnecessary administrative duplication.

Key management integrations with access systems
API and app frameworks

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By using our API and app framework, you can build just about anything, and when you do, you can choose to have more of our customers use your integration. There are two options for integrating KeyWin6 into a third party system – an integration engine or API.

Integration with KeyWin key management software to the ARX access system


Connect your ARX security system with KeyWin6 to easily and seamlessly give your users access to your electronic key cabinets via ARX in just a few clicks.

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Integration with KeyWin key management software to the Command Centre security platform

Command Centre

Command Centre is a configurable platform to meet the unique needs of location control, from enclosure, access control, and to critical location control for construction sites, for example, with some of today's highest security requirements.

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Integration with KeyWin key management software to the Wiz transport system

Wiz Kenco

The transport sector in Japan has strict rules for truck drivers with heavy or dangerous loads. Wiz Kenco handles all users and health data, but in order to give drivers access to the right truck key, there is integration to KeyWin6.

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Integrate a scheduling tool for shared resources - EZbooking from the Artologik-series - with KeyBox and KeyWin6 from Creone. This is a perfect solution for administrating keys and reservations of for example rental cars, emergency vehicles or a sporting facility.

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We are looking for integration partners who can help our customers implement and optimise their systems. Do you want to become one of our integration partners to build our products together with other systems that you offer? Become a partner today!